What is essay?

Essay is a briefly written paper, which in most cases reflects the main opinion and thoughts of the author. Essays may cover a pretty broad scope of topics; actually, there are numerous subject matters that have rarely (if ever) been delved into before. That is why it is very important that people should always make sure that they present the articles written on the individual level. Fortunately, in most cases, it is done this way. What is more, there are individuals who mainly analyze the research fields that have not been explored before. It is a nice practice indeed, since essays allow you to cover a wide range of topics, which, in turn, will be welcomed by the potential readers.

In general, essays can be categorized into several main types. Each of these groups relies upon what exactly the writer is going to research/analyze. For instance, there are analytical essays, contention/discussion essays, and explanatory essays among others. Before starting an article, each individual should have a competent knowledge of the particular field that he or she is going to cover. In case if one chooses a definition essay, the proper examples of the mentioned paper should be always examined in order to achieve a valuable result. The following piece of writing is dedicated to the discussion of definition essay.

Definition Essay

First of all, we should have a clear understanding of what definition essay is all about. Only after defining the main aspects of definition essay, one may go ahead and describe it in more details. As it is not difficult to guess, there are two words – definition and essay, which build the word definition essay. The main aim of the given essay type is to describe (explain) a concept, phrase, or opinion in a very detailed and competent way, allowing the readers to perceive the true meaning of the concrete topic. The author of a definition essay should be able to provide an individual and accurate explanation of the subject matter, providing comparisons on how these things used to be defined earlier. In other words, the author of a definition essay should explain the given subject matter in the own words, according to his or her perspective. All the above-mentioned facts become meaningful while analyzing a sample of competently written definition essay. Sticking to some particular rules and guidelines is the key point of coming up with a quality definition essay as a result.

Without a doubt, it is the definition essay that plays an essential role in the academic educational programs. And that is why it is so important to be able to write a correct and relevant explanation articles during one’s course of study. In order to achieve excellent results, a proper example of a definition essay should be considered, which is as follows.

Instructions for Writing Definition Essay


The opening part of any explanation article is considered as an attention generator. The goal of the intro is to drive a reader’s attention and engage him/her in the further reading process. In most cases, the intro part may consist of a glossary in order to support a definition. Presenting a conflicting concept is also a useful trick while developing one’s own explanation.

Subsequently, an explanatory article writer should state a thesis, which, however, differs from the one usually implemented in most of the academic paper formats. In this case, one should start declaring the way the main points of the paper are written. If one is able to put down an explanation by adopting confident points, the entire process of composing an essay will become much easier.


Logically, the body of a definition essay should contain the detailed background facts. Basically, a huge number of the explanation article examples stick to this very format. What is really important here is to provide background information about the described subject matter(s), highlighting a writer’s connection to these terms. Moreover, one should provide particular examples to depict one’s point and analyze how exactly these examples expose the matter. This process should be applied to all the ideas provided in the paper, so it will result in achieving a great outcome. In fact, there should be four ideas to depict in an essay.


In this part, one of the most commonly used practices is the revision of the previously stated main ideas. On the other hand, conclusion is also considered as a mechanism for sealing attention (in contrast to intro, which should play the role of a great attention generator). Conclusion is the right part in the essay to express some thoughts on the way the given subject matter has an impact on the author. As a result, such explanation article will be able to drive more attention to it.

For achieving great results, it is recommended to check out the samples of definition essays.

Definition Essay Example

For instance, when given a topic on gender impartiality, one can compose an explanation article in accordance with the main rules of definition essay writing.


Gender impartiality is a social condition where gender equity is controlled. As for me, gender impartiality is the environment where both feminine and masculine genders have a balanced platform for their activities. In other words, both genders enjoy the same freedoms and conveniences.

In the contemporary world, this assertion is seriously distorted. A lot of people think that women should be favored more than men, which is as negative as giving more benefits to men. Some countries simply break this balance, for example, by providing free of cost education only to girls. It leads to gender inequality. In this situation, boys find themselves in a risk group, while girls enjoy the tangible opportunities. Yet, this scenario can be easily prevented when both genders are treated equally.