Feeling Lucky about your Masters Thesis?

Do not get too confident just yet. First you need to finish writing your impressive dissertation paper before you boast to your friends. Graduate-level dissertations that meet the standards of your instructor require a lot of time and heavy focus. You need to do a lot of research and even gather your own data on the topic related to your thesis. Consider these pointers for writing a great dissertation paper.

How Should I Write my Dissertation?

Choosing the Topic

The topic that you select obviously makes all the difference in the success or failure of your dissertation paper. It should present a good challenge, but at the same time the topic should be something of great interest to you so that you feel motivated. When choosing the topic:

  • Select a thesis that you feel passionate about and is related to your focus of study
  • Look through academic writings related to a few topics and narrow your choices down
  • Ask friends and family their opinion about your topic
  • Make sure there is enough research information to use as background for your topic
  • Figure out the right approach and make a list of relevant ideas connected to it.
  • Pose a useful question or problem that you seek to answer

Having examined the topic selection process, your next step is to meet with your instructor or advisor and decide on the topic that will be best for the dissertation paper. Your dissertation is going to scrutinized by a committee, so your advisor will know what topic is best to choose.

Dissertation Proposal Writing

A proposal serves as a guide for your dissertation paper by briefly discussing the major themes related to your topic. You obviously want to make sure that the outlined information is actually incorporated into the draft of dissertation paper. Your outline must include the following:

  • Thesis statement for your dissertation paper
  • Problems and issues that will be addressed
  • The gaps in research that you discovered during the course of the research phase
  • The approach or framework for your study
  • The issues to cover in your paper
  • The significance and broader implications of your research

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Conducting Research

Researching your topic means scouring academic journals in order to find relevant sources. While you will be incorporating the research of others, you want to make sure you are speaking from your voice. Here are some important tips that will make the process of writing your dissertation faster while at the same time maintain your voice:

  • Summarize the sources based on your own interpretation of the results
  • Talk about the research with experts and academics who might be able to offer their own insight into your topic
  • Decide on appropriate sources directly related to your topic
  • Figure out the author’s key points and try to identify arguments for and against their point of view

Writing the Thesis or Dissertation

Once you have thoroughly researched your topic, it is time to start thinking about writing your dissertation. The first step is to gain an understanding about how it should be structured. Use a search engine and find some dissertation examples to get yourself started. You can also ask your academic department to provide model dissertation papers that you can as a guide.

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Staying Focused during the Writing Process.

  • Think about whether or not you have thoroughly discussed all of the ideas and determine whether your illustrations appropriate lay out your main arguments
  • Focus only on your proposal. If you generate new ideas, broaden the discussion about them and include important words that the committee is likely to focus on.
  • Develop a plan for how you will organize your paper and make sure all of the subsections are included.
  • Never drift away from your thesis.

Ideas on Organizing your Dissertation Paper

Your dissertation is unlike anything you have likely written before. The amount of time required to complete it is immense. In fact, you will need approximately six months to complete a great dissertation. You will need to use good time management skills and be able to organize the task in different phases.

  • The writings that you complete each day should be labeled and put into electronic folders. Since you are likely to take tons of research notes and write several drafts, you will want to save your files using names that clearly identify them.
  • Finish your draft chapter by chapter, recording their dates so that you know which chapters have not been finished yet. This will help you to avoid accidentally writing a chapter that you have already finished.
  • Do not be deceived by the lengthy deadline. Get started right away and get your drafts turned in before the deadlines to give yourself breathing room to make revisions.
  • Have the table of contents carefully listed so that the information is put in the right sections.
  • Go with the formatting style that your advisor or academic institution insists upon.


During the course of writing your paper, you will want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. Therefore, upon the completion of each chapter, you will want your advisor to provide feedback. This will ensure that your dissertation is on the right track.

  • Submit completed drafts of your paper so that instructors and even peers can read it
  • Schedule regular discussions with your advisor to discuss the progress of your paper
  • Discuss your dissertation with candidates who have completed dissertations in the past in order to generate new ideas.
  • Give chapters of your thesis to classmates to look over and ask them to review it for strengths and weaknesses.

The feedback will assist you in making appropriate revisions and develop stronger points.

Working with your Committee

  • See the committee as offering you guidance, not merely as a body that is pointing out mistakes.
  • They have the expertise to understand what makes for a great dissertation paper. They will be a valuable source for generating the right ideas to include in your work.
  • Be aware that each of the committee members might be responsible for handling one chapter of your work. Identify who is responsible for each chapter so that you are not going to the wrong person for advice.
  • The chairman/chairwoman is responsible for overseeing the whole process. Do not hesitate to discuss any problems or concerns with him/her.

After finishing each part of the paper, take the comments – both positive and negative feedback -very seriously. This will ensure that your dissertation looks its best.

From start to finish, the entire process of writing a dissertation paper will take a lot of time. Make a contribution to your work everyday so that you finish it within the deadline. Here is some advice for managing your time well:

  • Set your main daily priorities and make to fit dissertation writing into your schedule
  • Make sure to set aside at least a couple of hours each day for your dissertation.
  • If you have a family or roommate and you have chores that you are usually expected to do, discuss this with them so that there are no misunderstandings. You might have to ask them to carry more of the burden or agree to a different time of the day to complete the chores yourself.

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