What You Need To Know About Illustration Essay

If you are a college student, you will likely be assigned an illustrative essay. If you are not familiar with these essays, they basically require you to generate examples or illustrations about the topic you are discussing. Much like the standard essay, it begins with a thesis statement that introduces the topic and informs the reader about what to expect from the paper as a whole. This is followed by examples that back up the statement using data or a detailed narrative that provides illustration. Note that the illustrative element in these types of essays can be found in argumentative essays. However, illustrative essays are not a matter of opinion nor do they make an argument.

The illustration essay, which is also referred to as the example essay, informs the reader by providing examples based on the topic of the paper. The paper starts with the introduction that tells the reader what will be discussed. For instance, the paper could discuss the dangerous effects of heart disease, utilizing a thesis statement that shows that there is plenty of research that highlights the problem. Since nobody would argue that there is any health benefit to heart disease, this statement is not a matter of opinion, but instead states the facts regarding this health problem.

Even though the thesis statement is a factual observation, it still needs to be supported with evidence. This is where the illustrations and examples come into play. The most effective way to illustrate a problem is to use real life examples in addition to general illustrations. In the case of heart disease, a detailed narrative about the daily routine of an actual individual suffering from heart disease would work nicely.

Using generic, general examples to illustrate the point is also perfectly legitimate. This can be done by describing a study or using opinion polls that are not necessarily connected to a specific event, but nonetheless support the statement of the topic. Using hypothetical scenarios is also useful, although it is important to make sure that the illustration does not drastically depart from reality. When grounded in facts, a hypothetical illustration is a good way to explain the topic to the reader.

Once again, although the structure of an illustration essay might resemble an argumentative essay, the writer must make a clear distinction between the two. An illustration essay is not about arguing in support of an agenda. Instead, the paper provides examples and information about an actual problem so that the reader becomes better educated about the topic. An argumentative essay, on the other hand, uses the examples and illustrations specifically to strengthen the writer’s contention about an issue.

The general concept of an illustration is about creating an image. In drawings, this involves creating a picture. In essay writing, it is about using words to help the reader develop a clear image in their mind. Choose an interesting, concrete topic and then describe it in great detail. Your assignment might even require you to explain a process step-by-step. Illustration essays are a way to develop a vivid image using words. In that sense, illustration essays are also similar to narrative essays, although illustration essays require far more examples to drive home the points being discussed. Make sure to keep your illustration interesting and informative. Here is a list of possible topics that could make for a thought-provoking illustration essay:

  • Drug abuse
  • Disease
  • Effects of acid rain
  • Warfare technology
  • Stress
  • Fashion
  • Child obesity
  • The raise of social networking
  • Parenthood