When customers decide to purchase our products and/or services, they will generally be asked to provide a certain degree of personal information in order to process their orders. This information is usually limited to basic data such as the customers’ telephone numbers, their current email addresses and other pertinent data. Any of the information that is collected for the purpose of fulfilling the order is processed with the use of a fully secure SSL-certificate. This guarantees the confidentiality of our customers and the safe completion of all customer related transactions.

This privacy policy was created with brevity in mind. Said policy does not provide extensive details of every aspect of our collection and use of our client’s information. Requests for further details are easily and quickly supplied for the perusal of our customers. We ask that our customers put the request in writing and send the request to our customer support department via email.

winner-essay.com will deal with the customer’s request informally by providing him or her with the exact information that is required. winner-essay.com never resells or uses customers’ information for any purpose other than that of fulfilling the customers’ orders for writing services and products that are supplied by winner-essay.com. We offer a money back guarantee that all transactions are kept in full confidence.