Topics for Sociology Research Papers

Sociology is the study that defines and explains not only society and culture but also different groups of people. For example, you can write how social trends resurrect in the current world. Such topic of your research paper is quite interesting. You can find more topics below.

Sociology also includes cultures, various practices, and customs of different groups of people. Everything is changing in this field. That is why you can find endless variants when you start choosing a topic. It varies from cults to simple pop culture. You can see some sociology topics below. These are totally original ideas that were created with the knowledge of theoretical sociology.

This is a wide range of themes that can be slightly changed and transformed to quality sociology research paper topics.

Nationality, Ethnicity, Race

There are a lot of researches written on the mentioned theme. One famous sociologist Emilie Durkheim used to discuss the issue of origin. In addition, in his works, the sociologist explained the solidarity people of the same origin would have. Durkheim explored the connections and their negative aspects. You can easily go for national census to write an interesting sociology research paper.

Talking about race, there are also many themes. You can write how race and class are connected or about levels of education. What is more, the interesting topics would be how interracial marriages change the society as well as long time observation and comparison of such factors as environs.

If you need the topic on ethnicity, please, check the following ones. Correlation and difference of race and ethnic culture can be a good idea. In addition, places of multiethnic people in their societies, effects of ethnicity on class, or even inequality of culture in melting pot countries can also be good themes.

As for nationality, the most vivid example can be patriotism. In the USA, everyone is brought up to be proud of being a citizen of their country.

Mass Media

We can say that Media consists of televisions, theatre, magazines, newspapers, etc. This topic is interesting because mass media has a big influence on the society.

The problem can be formed in the following way: how are celebrities, adults, children, women, men, youth, and disabled people are represented by media or which segment is mostly discussed?

It goes without saying that media’s aim is to make profit. You can investigate the timeframe of different adverts, popular songs in ads, Disney films and sexuality, romantic movies or comedies, and women audience, You can also rate and mention which new technologies media uses for a better influence.

Food and Sociology

Distribution of food and customers’ needs is one more interesting topic. Please, check what can be learnt if you choose food as a topic.

How do we prepare food? The important answer is where meat, fruits, and vegetables come from. What are the food supplying companies in the USA, laws and regulations regarding food business, or even how a specific backer makes their food? One can write about the usage of GMO or pesticides as well.

If the problem of distribution is interesting for you, there are also broader options. It means that you can talk about export and import of products, packaging messages, geographical peculiarities of food distribution, and locations of fast food places in poor areas.

In addition, food consumption can be discussed. You can mention ways of studying nutritional content, child or youth obesity, what we eat and where, some eating habits depending on culture, particular region food culture, how families have dinners, breakfast habits, timing of meals, etc. Do not forget that vegetarians and vegans have different food culture and regulations that can also be a good topic.

The Cultures of Youth

Young people often belong to different subcultures, which can be noticeable due to the way they behave, dress, or what kind of music they listen to. Youths also give us many options for good topics for research essays.

Punk, mean girls, hip hop style, extreme sports, skating, surfing, jock culture, media influence are just a few examples. Cyber bullying, sexting, deviant behavior, adolescent sex, clicks at school as well as different messages in music can also be taken into consideration. There are even more choices if you try to think what problems do youths face nowadays.

Gender and Sexuality

Nowadays everyone is talking about the bias of gender. There are many conflicts regarding the inequality between the roles of man and woman. These problems may also form some possible topics. We can discuss the salaries for men and women, professions that are more popular for a particular gender, the transgender issue, bulimia, and anorexia for women, feminists’ movements and fights for rights, media and homosexuality. In addition, women at office, white man’s house, and different stereotypes regarding the gender are also perfect examples.

Social Movements

This theme shows the formation of societies with the same beliefs and goals. Social movements are taking place at the same time at many societies, so it’s not hard to discuss this problem. You can learn more if you choose two opposite groups for better analysis. It will help you see the way of formation as well as some positive and negative sides of its development.

So, the topics can be the following: animal rights, fair trade, disability rights, feminists, tea party, French revolution, Nazism, human rights, anti-nuclear movements, and many others. Think what is better for you and start the investigation.

Communities, Clans, Cults

People tend to be close to those with whom they feel comfortable and share common ideas and beliefs. Some of such groups create a community, solidarity and fellowship, while others can be pretty dangerous and even destructive in some cases. If it sounds interesting, you may study more about the following groups and cults: Catholics, Klu Klux Klan, Christians, the Moonies, Judaism, Antoinism, Hindu, Charles Manson, Buddhist, and Montana Doomsday Religious Cult.

Inequalities and Class Conflicts

Our society is divided into different classes that can be also discussed. Even if we look at geographical features, lots of inequalities can be found.

Ghettos and isolated neighborhoods, eating in poor and rich areas, schools in poor neighborhoods, salaries and taxes, geographical segregation and class issue, post-prison opportunities for criminals, wealth and nationality, social help and city funding can be interesting ideas for topics.

Spirituality, Superstition, and Legends

Legends and myths of ancient Hawaiians are often written about. The following studies show the reasons for myths existence.

The examples are the following: Legend of the Three Sisters, Biblical Events, Pandora’s Box, Leprechauns, Lochness Monster, Pele, Viking Legends, Egyptian Legends, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, and Mayan Culture.